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Words of Praise

  • Michelle Dimmock - Barco
    "Walter's highly intelligent, pragmatic and commerical approach is refreshing. He quickly establishes rapport with all parties and puts people at ease. I have no hesitation in highly recommend BrandCoach."
  • Jan Van Aken, CEO Ogilvy
    “I have known Walter for quite a while now, and during that time I got to know him as a thorough strategic thinker with a very clear view on today's communication environment.Walter surely knows what a brand needs to stand for in our hectic times, and what needs to be done to get there. He has high analytical skills and puts forward his ideas with the calm determination proper to a great consultant.”
  • Koen Helsen, Global Marketing Director, Barco
    “I had the pleasure of working with Walter on a re-branding and re-positioning exercise for one of our software solutions. The power of Walter lies in his unquestionable branding knowledge and experience. Walter is the guide who distinguishes essentials from details. At the end of the road, he moves you in such a position to take a well-considered and founded decision – together. I strongly recommend Walter.”
  • Marijke De Roeck - Stad Antwerpen / MC
    “Walter heeft als marketing- en organisatie-expert onze stedelijke communicatie- en evenementendienst helpen ombouwen tot een echt full service marketing- en communicatiebedrijf met een uitdagende langetermijnvisie. Samenwerken met Walter was bijzonder leerrijk, productief en aangenaam.”
  • Jaak Leenknegt - News Agency Belga NV
    “Walter komt bij het begin van een opdracht over als een diesel, die zich langzaam maar zeker op gang trekt…en u als opdrachtgever ook echt meetrekt in een groter geheel, wat uiteindelijk een van zijn meerwaarden blijkt te zijn. Walter verklaart niet ex-cathedra hoe het allemaal zou moeten, maar werkt in ‘samendracht’ aan zijn opdracht. Hij bouwt met zijn inzicht op lange termijn een zeer tastbare werkmethode op, die ook in een concreet plan van aanpak resulteert tussen de gezette mijlpalen van zijn advies.”
  • Willy Delvaux, Vice President & General Manager, Procter & Gamble (nu Delvaux Transfer)
    “Walter is a great believer in the need to build strong brands with Consumers and Customers and he knows how to do it. Walter is a manager you can trust and work with in a constructive way. Willy Delvaux” June 24, 2008
  • Yves Braeckman - Managing Director at Cronus Consultancy
    “I've known Walter for 6 years now, and he still surprises me. The way that Walter links brand and business should be an example for a lot of marketeers. At Quattro Saatchi & Saatchi he was the reason why I worked with the agency. Today he's my benchmark in brand value vision. I fully endorse Walter.”
  • Philippe Stulens - Randstad
    “It's always a pleasure working with Walter. He combines excellent marketing and communication knowledge and experience with empathy and a real (unfaked) interest in the people he is working for/with.”
  • Chris Van Roey - Chief Communication Officer, Mobistar (nu The House)
    “Walter and his partners introduced with Quattro new standards for the communication business in Belgium. Today he is a well respected brand consultant who shares his broad experience with his customers.”
  • Jan Van den Bergh - CEO, i-Merge (nu Boondoggle)
    “I appreciate Walter since the end of the seventies when he joined the ad agency where I was the junior junior copy. Since then we' ve been working together for over 20 years. We even set up an agency together in 1991. He's a high IQ-strategic thinker because he takes into account the tiniest facts&figures before opening his mouth. Very unusual in Big Ego Big Mouth Adland.”
  • Reinoud Van Assendelft - Owner, Van Assendelft & Partners bv
    “Walter and I have worked closely together on the Efteling brand for many years. The identity and the value that his vision brought to our company has certainly contributed a lot to what the Efteling brand is worth today.One of the things I respected most in Walter's approach is that he always gives his best and balanced professional opinion, regardless the interests for his company and himself as a person.Walter is one of the best professional brand-builders I know and also in my post-Efteling period we have worked together on several international succesfull projects. If you get the chance to involve Walter in your brand-buildingstrategy, don't hesitate. Ask him. You'll discover a high skilled professional and a friend at the same time!"